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UI/UX Designer

Designing is my jam, and I'm ready to infuse your next project with creativity. Let's work together to create something truly incredible!

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Blending Creativity and Functionality for Impactful Designs

I am a seasoned UI/UX Designer specializing in developing SaaS solutions for early-stage startups.
Additionally, I have undertaken freelance projects, including redesigning a Web3 product, Insure and creating design assets for Web3Conf India 2023 and Web3Camp , organized by the Girlscript Foundation .


The Skills Behind the Blending

Design Skills

I've acquired

Visual Design

Interaction Design

User Experience

Design Tools

I've worked so far





Learning, Growth, and Career Highlights

CSE (B.Tech)

Lovely Professional University
Aug 2017 - Aug 2021

UI/UX Design

Designboat School
June 2022 - Oct 2022

UI/UX Design Intern

Jan 2022 - Apr 2022

UX Designer

Apr 2023 - June 2023

UX Designer

Jul 2023 - Dec 2023

UX Designer

Mar 2024 - Present


These are the categories where I've applied my skills till now and offer my expertise.


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Product Design

  • I specialize in crafting SaaS solutions for both web and mobile platforms to meet diverse business needs.

  • I leverage user-centric design principles to ensure optimal user experience for the users.

Landing Page

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Landing Page Design

  • I create custom landing pages for various products, services, & conferences.

  • I focus on creating compelling visuals and persuasive copy to captivate the audience and drive action.


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Design Assets

  • I am experienced in creating digital brochures that effectively promote events and conferences.

  • I draw inspiration from current design trends to produce design assets that stand out and make an impact.


Exploring my creative journey through projects.

Nat Geo Hero Section

This hero section features 3D animation, created through my Figma experiments to enhance motion design skills.

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Food Delivery App Design

I analyzed food delivery apps, designed UI, and integrated micro-interactions for improved usability.

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Prega.fi - UX Case Study

A convenient app for pregnant women to track their diet and exercise routines throughout pregnancy.

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Finance Mobile App Design

An app for users to manage and monitor their finances and budgeting activities.

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Travel Planner App

Bon Voyage: A convenient app for travelers to plan and track their itineraries and activities.

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Smart Home App

An app for homeowners to optimize their living space through seamless control of smart home functionalities.

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Renovation Landing Page

A one-stop destination for home renovation inspiration, tips, and expert insights to transform your space.

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E-commerce Mobile App

A seamless shopping app for browsing, purchasing, and managing orders effortlessly on smartphones.

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Banking Landing Page

A modern banking website is carefully curated to display various banking products, promotions, and exclusive offers.

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